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Automatic Reader Reading

Automatic Meter Technical Issues

Due to unforseen technical issues, 28% of our automated meter reading devises did not function for the month of December 2021 reads.  Some reads are (R) for REGULAR automated reads, some (E) for ESTIMATED and others which will show and (A) for ACTUAL, which means GLDC personnel physically read your meters.

Please extend patience while we continue to work diligently to rectify this issue.

Automatic Meter Reading Service

Automated meter reading was implemented in 2012 to eliminate the need for our members to read their meters on a monthly basis.

Our meter readings are now collected once a month by equipment mounted in an aircraft. After the first day of each month this aircraft is deployed to read the gas meters. This process provides us with 40 days of meter data recorded hourly. This is a huge asset when trouble shooting our system.

These readings along with our wholesale AMR reads provide us with an accurate way to do “gas balancing”. This is a process where our wholesale and retail reads can be compared Monthly to indicate if our system has any loss. Previously this could only be conducted annually and with little accuracy.


Did you know?

Gull Lake Deer Creek Gas Co-op Ltd, (G.L.D.C. Gas Co-op Ltd.) consists of 3 original gas co-ops who have amalgamated. Gull Lake Gas Co-op Ltd., Deer Creek Gas Co-op Ltd., and Benjamin Natural Gas Co-op Ltd.