24 Hour EMERGENCY Contact: 1-866-317-4242 or 1-403-843-1050 reception@gldcgas.com

Billing Information

We are connected to a newly upgraded online e-Billing system. 

If you do not want to register your email to receive email notifications, please contact the GLDC Gas Co-op Office at 403-843-1050 or email your request to admin@gldcgas.com.  You will need to provide your email address to the administration staff to have it added to your account in order to activate your online access.  You will receive email notifications monthly after the 8th of every month with your account balance. 

The portal provides members access to view, print and monitor their bills and gas usage online.  This feature helps in budgeting and monitoring your own personal gas usage per household and/or business on a regular basis.

If you are interested in seeing details.  Please click on the E-Billing Account link below to register.


 CLICK HERE for instructions on how to register.

Did you know?

G.L.D.C. Gas Co-op Ltd’s average annual sales is 650,000 GJ’s distributed to our members.