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Customers – Responsibilities

Members and Customers Responsibilities

  • As part of being a member of the Gas Co-op Ltd., landowners gas contracts and Utility Right of Way require you allow access to extend the gas pipelines from your land to a neighbor who requires gas service.
  • Report any stopped meters as soon as you suspect this could be possible
  • Report any natural gas odours when you first detect them, inside or out.
  • The G.L.D.C. Co-op deals with landowners and holds landowners responsible for the gas used on their property. The Co-op will allow a tenant to pay the bill for the landowner as long as a Third Party Agreement has been signed by the landowners allowing the bill to be sent to the tenant.
  • Maintain their gas account in good standing with the Co-op.
  • G.L.D.C. holds the contract with the landowner who is responsible for their tenant’s gas bills.
  • The landowner is fully responsible for the bill if the tenant lets the account fall into arrears.
Did you know?

Under the Rural Utilities Branch , natural gas service has been provided to over 228,000 consumers through 81 participating utilities. Over 141,000 km of natural gas pipelines have been constructed making it the largest rural gas pipeline system in the world.